BTL Vacuum Unit

BTL Vacuum Unit Manufacturer

BTL vacuum unit for electrotherapy vacuum unit application means of suction cup electrodes where simple and comfortable attachment of patient electrodes. Our offered BTL Vacuum unit is most advanced technology in industry. One of them main features of BTL vacuum unit 2 independent channel continuous and pulse mode 4 predefined programs for pulsation pulse frequency. Our offered BTL vacuum unit is highly utilized in various range of application. Pulse frequency 15,30, 45,and 60 pulses per minute Quiet and easy operation which is available in various size of suction cup electrodes and sponges. Additionally, this unit can be getting from us at a very nominal price.

Features of BTL vacuum unit

  • Seven level of vacuum intensity
  • Trolley
  • present protocols and therapeutic encyclopedia
  • Quit and easy operation
  • Option of different size of suction cup electrodes and sponges
  • Continuous and pulsed mode
  • Wide range of application
  • operating mode continuous mode and puled modeEasy operation
  • Light in weight